Grading Criteria


How well written and creative is the writing? Is the writing lazy and simple or well structured and filled with powerful lines?


Strength of Singles

How high is the chart-topping potential of the singles? Are they destined to be smash hits or do they blend in better with the album as a whole?


Binge Listening Ability

Is this album a one-time listen or will you find yourself coming back to listen to it over and over again?


Song Variety

Does each song have a unique enough sound or do all songs sound the same? Usually, when we listen to an artist we want to hear songs similar to what they have released in the past. After all, that is the sound that made us like the artist in the first place, right? Whereas a defining sound can be good, too much of it could start to turn into a weakness and make the music come off as too cookie cutter. Just enough diversity can be just the key to a great album 👌

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