After 15 years on the shelf, Shinedown guitarist releases side project

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JANUARY 8, 2020



Think about your life 15 years ago. Ohh how different it was, right? Some of you were spending hours downloading music onto your iPod Nano, others were making badass MySpace profiles and some of us were busy singing High School Musical songs at the lunch table in exchange for Skittles (yes, that is a true story).

Regardless of what we have left behind since then, one of the pieces we continue to hold onto is the music of that time. Those songs would end up becoming the soundtrack to that unique chapter in our lives. Unfortunately, sometimes the music that could have impacted us the most ends up never getting released.

In 2006, Zach Myers had taken a break from touring with Shinedown to write and record an album with Chris Allen under the band name, The Fairwell. This album would go on to be called Schizophrenic Love Songs, Pt. 1. Over the years, due to multiple reasons, the group never got around to releasing it. Finally, after 15 years Schizophrenic Love Songs, Pt. 1 was released last week.

Schizophrenic Love Songs, Pt. 1 contains a wonderful collection of angsty, emotionally filled songs about love, loss, relationships and breakups. Each track feels straight out of the early-mid 2000s and holds similarities to the music of Saving Abel, Hinder and Tonic.

To me, “Save My Life” is the catchiest song on the album. This track simply rocks. The deep emotional chorus will keep this track stuck in your head for hours and have you singing it throughout the day. This song slides perfectly within an overall powerful album and most of the songs get very close to being just as good as this one.

Whereas I thought the album was fantastic, every track stays pretty consistent. This makes for a very good album but not one that is made to stand out very well. It is very apparent that this young group had an enormous amount of talent all those years ago and watching them grow would have been have been amazing to see.

After being shelved for 15 years, Schizophrenic Love Songs, Pt. 1 was well worth the wait. With any luck this won’t be the last we hear of The Fairwell. Whether it be more previously recorded music or a reunion album, having this first album labeled as a “Part 1” is a hopeful sign for fans who are ready for more!

Keep rockin’ ya’ll 🤘

Favorite tracks: Save My Life | Hold On Tight

Least Favorite Track: The Worst Of You


Schizophrenic Love Songs, Pt. 1 is now available on Spotify!

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