Foo Fighters shake things up with 10th studio album

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FEBRUARY 5, 2021



What do you do when you’ve been doing the same thing for 25+ years? Some people get a new hobby, others make major life changes and some simply continue to stick with what works. Much like Tom Brady and his habit of winning Super Bowls.

In the music industry, life can sometimes be a little repetitive. Being on the road most of the year, playing the same songs night after night, it’s easy to get into a rhythm and settle into complacency. What artists do to combat this though separates the good from the great.

Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters have always been very vocal about trying to challenge themselves and make the creative process different. Over their 25 years together, this drive has led to several interesting projects by the band including the eight-part docu-series Sonic Highways and a live one-man-band instrumental recording, ‘Play’.

For their 25th anniversary and 10th studio album, the Foo Fighters' latest journey brought them into a previously unexplored avenue of musical creation.

Medicine At Midnight is a Foo Fighters album unlike any we’ve ever seen and there’s a lot of reasons why. So BUCKLE UP because I've got some things to say!

While embarking on the journey to create the band’s 10th studio album, the Foo Fighters wanted to make a record that was a “party” album and more uptempo. They constantly referred to David Bowie’s Let’s Dance album as the inspiration behind this creative decision.

Despite being a party album, Medicine At Midnight has a good deal of diversity in it. From the lucid dream track ‘Chasing Birds’ to that classic Foo Fighters sound in ‘Holding The Poison’, this record is sure to keep listeners entertained throughout its entirety.

The record kicks off with one helluva catchy track in ‘Making A Fire’. Violet Grohl, Dave’s 14-year-old daughter, is back performing with her dad as she lends her vocal talent for the first time on a Foo Fighter’s record.

Because of its powerful message and classic Foo Fighters feel, ‘Waiting On A War’ is easily a fan favorite and will go down as the album-defining track.

‘Cloudspotter’ is probably the most “risky” song that the Foo Fighters have ever created but it ROCKS. The dance/disco groove of the track is unlike anything we’ve heard from the band and it's an absolute must-listen!

Overall, this album is sure to get a lot of mixed reviews. It is far from a “regular” Foo Fighters record but the creativity and the willingness to go outside the norm to create something different makes this album great. It would not surprise me at all if Medicine At Midnight ends up winning a Grammy for Best Rock Album of the Year. The goal of making this album a fun party album was an absolute success and is sure to have listeners singing and dancing along.

Keep rockin’ ya’ll 🤘

Favorite tracks: Waiting On A War | Cloudspotter | No Son Of Mine

Least Favorite Track: Shame Shame


Medicine At Midnight is now available on Spotify!

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