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It’s hard to believe that John Mayer has been serenading the world for over 20 years already. Throughout the early 2000s, his songs sat at the top of the charts, leading the way as some of the decade’s best pop music, most of which remain instant classics to this day. As one of the most successful singer-songwriters of his generation, Mayer continues to produce hit after hit, introducing a whole new generation of fans to his work. With an extremely successful career under his belt, which albums proved to be the best? Which ones performed less than par? Below we explore where every album stacks up compared to each other. Enjoy!

8. Paradise Valley (2013)

Ahh, Paradise Valley. The long-forgotten piece in John Mayer anthology. Despite this record being considered one of Mayer’s newer ones, it is by far the least memorable of the singer-songwriter’s eight studio albums to date. Having only been less than a year removed since the release of Born and Raised (2012), a country/folk experimental record, Mayer continued making similar music that resulted in an even bigger bust. Although there wasn’t a whole lot of elements right with that record, Mayer failed to capitalize on what he did do successfully on that album in order to make Paradise Valley a success. If it wasn’t for this record containing a track featuring Katy Perry (which isn’t even that great, to be honest), this album would be even more unmemorable. A couple of the best songs on this record are relaxing to listen to, but not anything to ride home about.

Favorite tracks: Wildfire | Dear Marie | Waiting On The Day

Least favorite tracks: You’re No One ‘Til Someone Lets You Down | Wildfire (feat. Frank Ocean

7. Sob Rock (2021)

After four years and one pandemic later, Mayer finally released another highly anticipated album this past month. This time, he went along the experimental path again after previously returning to a more familiar sound in The Search for Everything (2017). With a combination of 80s pop and elements from TSFE, Sob Rock seemingly had all the pieces for a fun record. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Despite heavily marketing it as a big 80s pop album, Sob Rock only consisted of two tracks that felt like it fit that mold. Other than that, the rest of the record felt like it was just a collection of B-side’s from TSFE.

For a more in-depth look into the album, take a look at the recent review, found here.

Favorite tracks: New Light | I Guess I Just Feel Like | Til the Right One Comes

Least favorite tracks: Why You No Love Me

6. Born and Raised (2012)

This album stands out a little differently from every other one for a few reasons. For starters, this was the first time we had heard a John Mayer album that highly underperformed. His track record of substantial success set a high standard that has spoiled listeners throughout the years. With Born and Raised, Mayer experiments for the first time with light elements of country and folk that never seems to quite find consistent footing. A few songs like “Whiskey, Whiskey, Whiskey” and “Born and Raised” are the few outliers that were able to successfully implement this experimental sound but as a whole, however, this record failed to captivate on what could have been a fun change in style. Whereas everyone may have their own personal favorites, no song in particular truly sticks out as a clear-cut hit on this album. It’s an overall decent record but not one that you would pick out of a crowd and find yourself listening to over and over again.

Favorite tracks: Born and Raised | Whiskey, Whiskey, Whiskey | Shadow Days

Least favorite tracks: If I Ever Get Around To Living | Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967

5. Heavier Things (2003)

This album may take a couple of trys for a majority of these songs to really start growing on a listener. At first listen, Heavier Things lacks a little bit of song variety which can get mundane at times but after a few times through the record, some of these songs get to be really catchy and upbeat the more you listen to them. Although the lack of variety does go against the album’s overall ranking, Heavier Things does a great job at creating enjoyable music and building nicely off the success of his debut album Room For Squares (2001).

Favorite tracks: Daughters | Come Back to Bed

Least favorite tracks: Home Life

4. Room For Squares (2001)

Debut albums can either make or break an artist’s career before it even gets started. Luckily for Mayer, he won over the world quickly with his flash of brilliant songwriting, music composition, and of course, that unique, smooth voice. The album commands attention right off the bat with three insanely catchy tracks followed by “Your Body Is A Wonderland” which continues to be one of Mayer’s most popular songs to date and sits up there as one of the most popular songs of the early 2000s. Whereas Room For Squares is a certified platinum album and revered as a fan favorite by many, the album’s less than powerful second half, unfortunately, made it hard to justify placing this record inside the top three.

Favorite tracks: No Such Thing | Why Georgia | Your Body Is A Wonderland

Least favorite tracks: 83 | Great Indoors

3. The Search for Everything (2017)

Since its initial release, The Search for Everything has not been considered by many as an enormous hit so the placement of this album is bound to be a controversial one for sure. However, when given a closer look, this album is SEVERLY underrated. Lyrically and arrangement-wise, every song is brilliantly done. A few songs are sure to jump out and get stuck in a listener’s head for a while. The chorus of “Emoji of a Wave” is a wonderfully arranged piece vocally and with the addition of his staple guitar sound, ‘Rosie’ feels like a classic John Mayer hit as well.

The Search For Everything failed to produce any big hits though which is why it flies under the radar for so many listeners. It is because of the lack of hits that this album fails to rank higher than it could have. Overall though, this is one of the most consistently strong albums ever created by Mayer. Every track is very enjoyable to listen to and one that is sure to surprise the casual John Mayer fan when giving this album a deeper dive.

Favorite tracks: Rosie | Emoji of a Wave | Love on the Weekend

Least favorite tracks: Theme from “The Search For Everything”

2. Battle Studies (2009)

Coming off a high from the massive success of his previous album, Continuum (2006), John Mayer continued to keep the ball rolling with his follow-up album, Battle Studies. This album falls just short of being as good as its predecessor but is by no means very far behind. In addition to every song being of extremely high quality, Battle Studies includes many fan favorites such as “Heartbreak Warfare” and “Half of My Heart”. This record provides a very soft and consistent experience throughout its entirety and will have listeners hooked through its very strong start.

There isn’t a whole lot to say negatively about this record besides the addition of another underwhelming cover attempt (Crossroads by Robert Johnson). From start to finish though, this record is fantastic and is absolutely an album that can be listened to over and over again.

Favorite tracks: Heartbreak Warfare | Perfectly Lonely | All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye

Least favorite tracks: Crossroads

1.Continuum (2006)

Was there ever any doubt? Continuum is arguably one of the biggest defining albums of the early 2000s and of the 21st century as a whole. It’s one of those albums where every song is superb and not a single song is skippable. This album solidified John Mayer’s rank among the industry’s greats and launched the singer-songwriter into superstardom. Many songs on this album went on to be chart-toppers including hits like

“Waiting On the World to Change”, “ Gravity”, “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” and “Stop This Train”, just to name a few.

Overall, Continuum produced 1 gold and 5 platinum-certified singles in addition to the 2006 Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album. If you haven’t already done so, do yourself a favor, put this album on, relax and enjoy every single minute of it.

Keep rockin’ ya’ll! 🤘

Favorite tracks: Gravity | Slow Dancing In A Burning Room | Stop This Train

Least favorite tracks: Bold As Love


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