The Smoke Clears With 'The Battle At Garden's Gate' Emerging as a Success

Updated: Aug 3, 2021



APRIL 16, 2021



Since the release of their 2017 debut EP, From The Fire, Greta Van Fleet has taken over the rock world with their old school sound and energetic tracks. After much anticipation, the band released their second full-length album and it certainly has lived up to the hype.

The Battle at Garden’s Gate is a collection of beautifully written and composed tracks that transports listeners from the get-go to a realm of musical bliss with the rock and roll symphony “Heat Above” about the idea of human utopia.

Produced by legendary producer, Greg Kurstin, it is no surprise that The Battle at Garden’s Gate was going to be some of the most interesting music the band has made to this date and boy did it not disappoint.

From the moment I heard the first single, “My Way, Soon”, it was very apparent that this album was going to sound very different. Each track shows immense growth and does a fantastic job of further distancing the band from being labeled by some as simply “Led Zeppelin copy cats.” Although they have strayed further away from this controversial analysis, Greta Van Fleet continues to pay homage to the legendary rock band’s influence in addition to showing off more fascinating sounds that we haven’t heard from them before.

The song on this album that stood out to me the most would have to be, “Broken Bells.” This track gives us the first true ballad from the band. Josh Kiszka shines through the orchestral composition with his impressive vocal display, demanding recognition in a vibrant way. It truly is a special track and I hope it’s an avenue they explore again soon.

“Tears of Rain” and “Stardust Chords” shake up the style a little more by offering a more worldly and experimental sound, once again successfully showing growth and comfortability with risk in the band’s sophomore album.

The album concludes with a transcending performance of sheer musical ecstasy. “The Weight of Dreams” is one of those songs that can pull listeners out of reality and overwhelm them with the beauty of all its elements. This track features some of the best guitar work that we have ever seen from Jake Kiszka, which the band reveals has been a piece that they’ve often ended their concerts with for years.

The Battle at Garden’s Gate is sure to be one of the top rock albums of the year. This record brings together so many elements that beautifully articulate the challenges of humanity through worldly, spiritual, and mystic sounds. Greta Van Fleet is certainly defining themselves as one of the best in the business and are inching very closely to superstardom.

Keep rockin’ ya’ll 🤘

Favorite tracks: The Weight of Dreams | My Way, Soon | Heat Above

Least Favorite Track: Stardust Chords


The Battle at Garden's Gate is now available on Spotify!


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