Why Don't We continues to emerge as rising stars

Updated: Aug 3, 2021



JANUARY 15, 2020



Boy bands have historically been given a bad rap. Much like candy corn and Nickelback, many people are quick to discredit them without giving the proper respect they deserve.

(Seriously folks, what’s with the hate on candy corn???)

Whether it be New Kids On The Block, One Direction or everyone in between, we’ve seen many boy bands take a lot of shit over the years. Some of it justified and some of it not so much.

As of recently, the boy band Why Don’t We has been quietly tearing it up, making themselves a case for the biggest boy band in the industry right now.

In 2016, Why Don’t We introduced themselves to the world with their single “Taking You.” Since then, they have released six EP’s and just recently released their second studio album, The Good Times and The Bad Ones.

The Good Times and The Bad Ones does a fantastic job of building upon their debut album, 8 Letters. Once again, Why Don’t We has shown that they continue to grow and improve their sound with every new release.

With this latest album, Why Don’t We seemed to really work on making their sound more appealing to a broader audience of listeners. Lead tracks “Fallin’ (Adrenaline)” and “Slow Down” are truly radio ready and could easily stay on the charts for weeks.

“Grey” is an absolutely amazing song. Very few times does a song have the ability to stop a listener in their tracks the way this one does. “Grey” does a wonderful job of embodying those moments in life where we are stuck in a standstill of feeling lost and uninspired. From a lyrical and composition standpoint, this song was done extremely well.

It’s easy to tell that the Why Don’t We boys are ready to be the next big boy band and this latest release reflects that. If they continue to stay on their current growth path, these guys could easily take the world by storm. Don’t count them out yet because they’re just getting started!

Keep rockin’ ya’ll 🤘

Favorite Tracks: Slow Down | Grey | Fallin' (Adrenaline)

Least Favorite Track: Lotus Inn


The Good Times and The Bad Ones is now available on Spotify!

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